partial dentures torrance

Brief Overview Of Partial Dentures

partial dentures torrance

A single partial denture can be removed from the mouth. That way it can also be cleaned and cared for properly. All partial dentures torrance procedures are designed or intended to provide what are known as edentulous patients with replacement teeth for functional and/or aesthetic purposes. These are patients who would not be able to have a bridge fitted. This could be owing to a lack of teeth required to support the bridge in the first instance.

An entire partial denture is made up of replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum colored base. The base is usually made of plastic. It could also be connected by a metal framework designed to hold the denture in place. Always just remember that there is no shame in having a partial denture placed. People are losing teeth all the time, so you are not the only one. And of course, accidents also happen.

How could that be your fault? Unless of course. Also note that you could be one of the most diligent practitioners of good oral and dental hygiene. You brush your teeth and floss no less than three times a day. You take every bit of care that you can. But still, tooth and gum decay will still come, one way or another. There’s two reasons for this. Even healthy food can cause tooth and gum decay. Bacteria even in clean food always finds a way to get in.

And then there is this, something that as human as you are, you simply cannot hold back. One way or another, we will all grow old. And when that happens, your teeth and gums grow old as well. And when they age, they decay. Even so, it’s still possible to slow the tide of ageing.